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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:42

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Sree garu and Sree Prabhakar Nukala garu have been compiling the audio of these songs, using this book for reference. It is through their great generosity that we bring you this collection. An added attraction is that they have added some introductory comments to the first song in each movie!

Ghantasaala Gaana Charita - Welcome to Project Ghantasala

The titles, movie numbers and song numbers below follow the order in the book. The first number in the title refers to the Movie number, and the second number refers to the song number within that movie, as given in the book.

Sree Challa Subbaraayudu has done a great service to Ghantasaala fans everywhere by collecting together all known songs of Ghantasala in his compilation, "Ghantasaala Gaana Charitha". Since its publication, some omissions and errors have come to light neverthless, this book remains a "bible".

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